Experts Find That Kids Ages 3-12 Are Possibly Effected More By The Pandemic Than Any Other Age Group
May 21, 2020 – Much of the current public anxiety revolves around parents having to juggle working from home & homeschooling their children.  This is not only a major adjustment for parents, but has significantly affected kids as well.

The absence of social interaction between children that normally comes from going to school is leaving many kids bored, acting out, and absorbing too much non-beneficial screen time.  Dr. Laskowski from the Mayo Clinic explains "Kids should be getting at least 1 hour of physical activity per day", and unfortunately, for most kids over the past 2 months, that is not happening...
That is why an Alabama based Ninja Warrior Gym created an online program to help kids stay active right from their living rooms.  (No Equipment Necessary)
These are unprecedented times, and one resilient Alabama based business is going global and spreading love, fitness, and Ninja Warrior. Ninja Obstacle Academy Kids’ team of Coaches and past American Ninja Warrior TV Show contestants are now teaching kids, ages 3-7 & 8-12, how to be Ninjas & stay healthy and fit online. This online program enables kids and parents all across the world to stay active at home and train to become Ninja Warriors without leaving their living rooms.
Ninja Obstacle Academy Kids Online’s new “Kid Ninja Adventure Club” allows kids to go on interactive ninja adventures, perform safe, living room friendly ninja challenges. It even features ninja arts and craft activities. There are specific instructional videos geared towards younger children between the ages of 3-6, as well as specific content that is designed for older kids between the ages of 7-12.

While Ninja Obstacle Academy’s physical gym location was closed to the public due to Alabama state order, the gym has been far from empty. The Ninja Coach staff and ownership team has been hard at work recording over 30 hours of online video training to make sure their students can stay active and engaged.

“The decision to take our online training for kids nationwide was an easy one to make.” Co-Owner Justin Moore says. “Our mission at Ninja Obstacle Academy is to enrich the lives of kids by introducing a fun way to exercise and get in great shape. Expanding our footprint to the entire nation is just another way we can give back and impact as many kid’s lives as possible.”
Watch this brief video for a full explanation and walk through of the program:
The Ninja Obstacle Academy Kids Online’s “Kid Ninja Adventure Club” is only $9 per month for the entire family and they can cancel anytime.  Justin Moore, Co-Owner explains, “the price is so low because we do not want any parents who want their kids to participate, not to be able to afford it. Our mission is to empower kids and impact lives, not to pad our pockets.”

Enrollment in the program is open now.  You can enroll by clicking the button below.
Hear for yourself...
'Ninja Kids provides my daughter with fun adventures'
-Jackie, Grateful Mom of 3
'Ninja Kids gives me fun things I can do with my son'
-Rusty, Dad of 2


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The Top Personal Trainers for Kids

All Coaches and Trainers hold certifications in personal training and teach kids fitness full-time. We have some of the top trainers in the United States! 

Safety is priority number one for us.  Every activity is developed to ensure your child is never in danger.

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All of the videos and adventures can be done with ZERO Equipmentin the comfort of your own home.

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Kid Ninja Adventure Club
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Program Price
$9 per month
"We LOVE Kid Ninja Adventure Club. My kids are active and I desperately needed something to help them burn energy that was engaging and fun. They usually get bored with exercise and programs, BUT NOT THIS ONE!"
-Jackie, Grateful Mom of 3
Everything is backed by our extended 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try the Club completely risk-free for one full month. Order today to get instant access to all of the Kid Ninja Adventures, Kid P.E. Classes, Kid Yoga & Stretching, and more...
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